Guess who’s back

The US champs are over, which means a mass exodus of Americans to the European circuit. This is my second year making the trip (go here for an account of last year). I don’t know if I’m much wiser, though I do have a few leftover Euros and two electrical converters, so that’s something.

As for scheduling, it’s still a waiting game. I didn’t do myself any favors with a dud of a race in the US final. But I’ll update this blog as we figure it out. And while that’s sorted, I will spend a few days in Teddington, UK, to get acclimated. 

Will I … solve my mysterious hip alignment issue?

… set PRs in fast Euro races?

… meet a mysterious Englishman who invites me to the Wimbledon final? (girl can dream)

Stay tuned! The birks are packed.